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Nothing is impossible

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Hold me

Status: *2010*Update
OPEN for normal Commissions and Cheap ,
leave a comment for info o
write me to mariabagnale@hotmail.it
-Price list and info-
I don't accept request! Update! New Art in sale!

Last Update:20/04/10 Status: 4/13 Last Update: 5/02/08

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Wheeee, R/Hr squeeness! 8DDD Ah, that makes me want to re-read book 7. XDD
Also, it's very wise of you to have your commission prices in Euros, I should've done that a long time ago ($100 are about 67€ now, ack!)

^^ Thank you!
Yes, You know, how much all is expensive in Europe with the Euro!

Yeah, very much. I mean, stuff would even be more expensive here if §1 was worth 1€, so we're paying like three times as much now XD

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