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Deathly Hallows fanart: The locket
Hold me
I am working again...but I had to find some time for this illustrion xD
I hope you like it, wait for comment!!!

Characters:Ron, Hermione/Riidle, Harry/Riddle
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs2 / pencil
Author's Notes:from my fanart100 and Deathly Hallows.

1 ) Illustration made for special r/hr shippers!.( Just they have asked me it).Ron don't stab the locket immediately but he did a move to seem like he cuts h/hr forever.


1) Credit me at maria_abagnale .
2) Please if you make icons (etc.) using my art , I want to look them! I love icons!
3)If you want to use my icons please you leave a comment!

and Art in sale

My Gallery pages:
Kiss me if you dare( Ron and Hermione fancomics)
My Fanart100 of Ron and Hermione

*flails* *FLAILS*

Oh. My. God. This--

This is just too perfect for words. I love this too much to be coherent. Ron's eyes...

♥ ♥ ♥

Oh! Yes! And this is off topic, but. Have you seen that triatha_ron is going to be open to art as well this cycle? Because your fantastic Ron art would be very much loved over there. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

LOVELOVELOVE!!!!! BEAUTIFUL depictions of one of my FAVE scenes in the book! SO MUCH LOVE FOR RON!!! XD


Ron is... his expression <3!!

May be doing some icons, but i'm not sure, but i just LOVE the pic!

SERIAMENTE, E' STUPENDO o_______________O

Sono sconvolta *__________* Voglio! Voglio!
Lei è davvero bellissima!

Wow! Davvero senza parole!

Amazing! Your Ron is perfection. You captured the scene brilliantly.

Very nice! Ron is just perfect!

Woah! That's just perfection..

Wow! Every detail is perfect! Love it!

Maria, this is phenomenal! One of my favorite scenes in the entire series...it's captured perfectly here.

You're just so amazing. ♥

Oh, this is just so beautiful ;_;

Do you use traditional pencils for the colouring? D:

I liked it somewhat but I never pictured the locket people nude…odd.

Maria!!! It's beautiful! H/Hr look perfectly wicked and Ron's pink rimmed eyes show his emotion. *sniff*



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