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I finally update my lj!
I want to add some more information about the commissions, and I put
in sale of my art.

******Cheap Commissions Status: Open *****

-Headshot: Example 20€
-Bust up:Example (soon...) 30€
-Waist up:Example Example 40€
-Chibi:Example (soon...) 25€

-For Original and Fanart
-All of them are with a character inked (original or fanart)and with a digital coloration.
-For a copic markers colororation add 5 € for bust up and 7€ for waist up, nothing for the others
-For a more character send me a email and we'll decided about the price.
If you want a slot send me a note or reply here with a comment.

******Bookmarks/Commissions Status: Open *****
those are the prices:

1 character: 25 euro ( not original character) *the naruto's one*
1 character : 30 euro (original character)
2 character: 40 euro ( not original character) *the lily/james' one*
2 character : 45 euro ( original character)

ex: here!

+ S/H.

******Commissions Status: Open **********

[Required Fanart]: Open: only sketches, traditional art ( watercolor , copic markers ecc...) and digital art, for the time being I don't accept commissions for digital realistic illustrations (I don't have a lot of time)
[Required Original]: Open ,as in Required fanart.


I ask for these payments for my work:
20 Euro for a sketch of a full character and border.(15 for potrait format)
+ 15 Euro for a simple Background.
+ 12 Euro for an additional character.
+16 Euro for a inked version .
+ 25 Euro for simple colors with digital techniques.
+ 35 Euro for a traditional coloration ( with copic markers ,ecoline o watercolors).

Example Commissions

If you want the orginal ( naturally I can't send you a digital art),
you have to pay the shipping and handling.

S/H price
Normal items is about 3 euro ( but if It is loses, I don't have any responsability!)
Registred items is about 8 euro ( with it I get the receipt of delivery and I can check the run of the consignment!But if It is loses, I don't have any responsability!)
Insured items is about 7-10 euro/Not for Usa, Italy Postal service not take insured mail for Usa ( with it I get the receipt of delivery and if the letter is lost I get a repayment and with it I can make a new commission for you of same price!)

Or I can send you the art to e-mail ,
300 DPI , format JPG/TIFF, CMYK.

If you have some doubt felt free to write me, maria.abagnale@virgilio.it or mariabagnale@hotmail.it

I accept money with Paypal.

*****Art on sale*****

Common Room
30 Euro + S/H ( only sketch) SOLD!

Ron , Harry and Hermione
40 Euro + S/H

Harry and Ginny
30 Euro + S/H (only sketch)

35 Euro + S/H (only sketch) SOLD!

Ron and Hermione
30 Euro + S/H (only sketch)

Rpn and Hermione
35 Euro + S/H (only sketch)

Sorry for my bad english

My Gallery pages:

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Hello:) I just stumbled upon your journal and I think that your art is wonderful. By any chance is the sketch of Hermione and Ron with Crookshanks still availible for sale? If it is I'd be interested in buying it:)

Thank you very much!
Yes It is availible!^^

*is excited*

It's a beautiful sketch:)

You accept paypal right? If you email me at star54kar@yahoo.com I'd be happy to discuss further details regarding payment and shipping:)

Hey, I was just checking in, since I haven't heard back from you in a while regarding the the sketch I was interested in purchasing. Is it still availible, and how should I go about sending you payment?

I have sended to you a e-mail but I now understand that you have not perhaps received it, strange...
however it is still available, for the payment I accept paypal.
I now retry to send you an e-mail!
excuse for this drawback and thank you!

I received your email, and I just sent you one back:)

Disegni solo il trio o ti potrei commissionare anche altri della saga?
Bellissimi lavori cmq *_*

Prima di tutto grazie tantissimo**
No disegno tutti quelli che mi passano per la testa, per le commissioni poi naturalmente faccio ciò che mi si richiede.
Se guardi nei miei hp characters troverai altri personaggi fatti da me, http://maria-abagnale.livejournal.com/tag/hp+characters .
Grazie ancora!

Hmm...maybe I'll get another commission. I'm so in love with the one I have...why not? :) Can you do one with me in it?

By the way, I got a notice in my mailbox TODAY about the package, and had to pick it up at the post office, but I finally have it! HOORAY!

Evviva!!!!!!( Hooray xD)
I was so worried!( But after a mouth!!!)Ok the most important thing is that you have it now ^__^

Sure, no problem, just ask and I'll do it!
I would be proud!*hug*

Really?! Wow! I'm so excited! Do I just send you a picture, and we go from there? I have some things in mind...

I saw your other post about your new markers...I'd love to see the effects of those, and how they look. Perhaps you can do my next commish with those? :D

I LOVE the sketch! It's so gorgeous. I'm going to frame it and hang it with some of my other HP art.

Yes, send me an e-mail with it, but naturally I will represent you in comic style o in realistic-comic style, as you prefer!
Yes, new markers!! The copic-markers stile resemble more to the water-color, the colors are more soft!
Explain me in the e-mail which is your idea, then I can suggest if the style of the markers is more proper or less!For me is same ,waiting o not, just a your choice!
Oh God I am very happy!!!!You got it!Thanks God!^^

Oh Maria! That piece with Ron destroying the locket is breathtaking. I'm in the middle of writing you another email right now and if that picture is still availible I'd love to buy it as well:)

i love it :)
i love R/H couple and all the fanarts
its awesomeee

(Deleted comment)
:DThank you for asking!
I use paypal.

(Deleted comment)
Sure, I'll email you later after work^^

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