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I am back!
Hold me
I know I have abandoned my live journal but I coming back!
I hope you like this XD
However I have so much art to post here so with some posts I hope a published all there:)

Title:Friends Again
Characters:Ron, Hermione,Harry
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs2 / pencil
Author's Notes:from Third Book

Title:Kissing you again
Characters:Harry and Ginny
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs2 / pencil
Author's Notes:for Tinkerbell from her fanfiction "The fire never stops the rain"

Title:Sea stare
Characters:A pure fairy
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs3
Author's Notes:

HP_Friends again by =mary-dreams on deviantART

HP_Kissing you again by =mary-dreams on deviantART

Sea stare_Realistic by =mary-dreams on deviantART

click on it for see it in a bigger version!
Waiting for a yours opinions !



1) Credit me at maria_abagnale .
2) Please if you make icons (etc.) using my art , I want to look them! I love icons!But please not use commission art!
3)If you want to use my icons please you leave a comment!

and Art in sale

My Gallery pages:
Kiss me if you dare( Ron and Hermione fancomics)
My Fanart100 of Ron and Hermione

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These are all equally gorgeous!

But I love the last one most. Like.. omg she is so pretty! and so wonderfully done! (O_O)

Honestly amazing!

Thank you so much!
I spent a lot on it so I am very grateful of your comment^^

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