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More ART!
Hold me
Hi to everyone!
I know I have not updated this journal for a lot of time, I beg you pardon!
In this time of absence I have made many illustration so I have a lot to post
but not everything now would be too much !
I also have another news I have decided to open a Waiting list for commissions...

Art Teaser

Title:Close to me
Characters: Ron/Hermione
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs2 / pencil
Author's Notes:from Deathly hallows .

Title:Summer time
Characters: Harry/Ginny
Medium:Copic Markers
Author's Notes: .

Title:Fire never stops the rain
Characters: Harry/Ginny
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs2 / pencil
Author's Notes: for Tinkerbell .

Title:Morning kiss
Characters: Ron/Hermione
Medium:copic Markers
Author's Notes: .

Clik here FOR FULL VIEW!Collapse )

Your Ron/Hermione art is gorgeous! And the 3rd drawing almost makes me like Harry/Ginny x)

And random? but you draw the most beautiful feet and hands.


*snogs you*

I missed your work so much!

I already had no4. I loved no 1 so much
I am a hardcore r/hr shipper so anything of them i adore.
keep it up.

Brilliantly done! Wonderful! You're very talented!

very gorgeous, all of them. i especially love your use of color.

I know I've already commented on these at DeviantArt, but I just have to say again that these are fantastic! Your colors are so beautifully vivid.

I was wondering, would it be ok with you if I used your art in lj layouts for others to download? With credit, of course!

Thank you very much! I am proud of it!If you have time and want I will be so happy for a layout for me, you are really great!

Wow *_________________* Tu non deludi mai, sei una assoluta garanzia perchè i tuoi lavori sono sempre eccezionali. Ron/Hermione sono incantevoli. Grazie.

Oh! L'avevo viste su deviant art *assieme al tutorial sulla prima^^. Oltretutto, Hermione lì è troppo carina: sia il viso che i capelli mi piacciono un sacco*, ma due parole te le scrivo anche qui: sono tutte stupende :) .
E già che ci sono, t'aggiungo alla f-list^^...

Here from a link on quibbler_report, and I have to say that these are absolutely gorgeous!

I would like to try making icons, if you don't mind. I will definitely post a link here if I do so you can look, and I promise I'll credit you!

(This of course assumes I can get off my butt and finish my school work first!)

Horribly late, I know, but I wanted to let you know that I made some icons of these and posted them on my journal here.

Thank you again for your beautiful art and your generosity in sharing it!

Ohhhh! These are all so beautiful!

I love them all! <3 You're amazing... o_O

meravigliose tutte ♥_♥
io sono innamorata della prima, Close to me... romantica, malinconica ♥ è perfetta.

These are amazing! The first one is so sweet (it kind of makes me wish that there was a scene like that in the book), and the look that Harry has on his face in the second one is so caring.

I might use these for icons, and if I do, I'll let you know! :)


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