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Dreaming the Sky

Nothing is impossible

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More ART!
Hold me
Hi to everyone!
I know I have not updated this journal for a lot of time, I beg you pardon!
In this time of absence I have made many illustration so I have a lot to post
but not everything now would be too much !
I also have another news I have decided to open a Waiting list for commissions...

Art Teaser

Title:Close to me
Characters: Ron/Hermione
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs2 / pencil
Author's Notes:from Deathly hallows .

Title:Summer time
Characters: Harry/Ginny
Medium:Copic Markers
Author's Notes: .

Title:Fire never stops the rain
Characters: Harry/Ginny
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs2 / pencil
Author's Notes: for Tinkerbell .

Title:Morning kiss
Characters: Ron/Hermione
Medium:copic Markers
Author's Notes: .

I also have another news I have decided to open a Waiting list for commissions.
I am always busy with my work so I don't have so much free time to open a session of commissions,
for this motive the waiting list is more comfortable for me and for you (I hope)
If you want to book your spot , comment here o send me a e-mail to maria.abagnale@virgilio.it
For info about commission

Waiting list:
-Teresa(Tinkerbell) x 2 ( 1 done)

I have decided ( also)to open for one just spot a realistic commission if you want to know more o just hold up the spot ( I repeat just one!) just contact me!

Realistic one :
-no taken





Wait for your comments!


1) Credit me at maria_abagnale .
2) Please if you make icons (etc.) using my art , I want to look them! I love icons!But please not use commission art!
3)If you want to use my icons please you leave a comment!

and Art in sale

My Gallery pages:
Kiss me if you dare( Ron and Hermione fancomics)
My Fanart100 of Ron and Hermione

Ommioddio sono stupende *__* Amo l'ultima <3

E' passato del tempo ma tu non sei cambiata ,sempre una delle prime a recensire! Grazie tantissimo!*_*

OOh, I adore them, especially the Ron/Hermione ones! Thanks for sharing, great work! :-)

Thank you too for comment it!:)

They're all gorgeous, especially 1 and 4! ♥


These are all lovely, my favourite is the 4th one!

these are amazing <3 i specially like the h/r ones.

Thank you very much for support!:)

Beautiful! I especially love the 4th.

Beautiful as always-thank you for sharing these!

The first and the third ones are my favourites. You play really well with light and shadows. Great work!

So adorable!! I love the fluff!! XD

I hate Ginny from the bottom of my heart and in my mind Harry wouldn't ever touch anybody but Draco BUT you did an amazing job and I have to say that I like it x) Strange but true^^

Your work is amazing! All four are gorgeous!!

These are just stunning. <3

aw, these are so sweet! thanks for sharing!

Wow they're gorgeous!

I love the first one the most and the clothes in the third one are just beautiful.

All them are gorgeous and fantastic!

I loved the last one... and that second Harry/Ginny is pretty hot!

Very well done!!