Dreaming the Sky

Nothing is impossible

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Sono bellissimi *_____________*
Stavolta la mia preferita è Luna */////*
E' adorabile!

Oh oh oh! I'm so happy that you posted these! XD I am so much in love with mine ♥ ♥ ♥

And your new markers, how gorgeous is that color? I hope you keep using them; it looks fantastic.

Oh, pssst, cause I know you love em:


I also made the one I'm commenting with, but that's just for me (and you, if you want). XD

Congrats on a great month Maria. These are so wonderful! I had never seen your depiction of Dean, and I love it, he looks great in both of these. That Rose and Scorpius is gorgeous and hot! To me, your characters are youthful and modern, absolutely love them!

I love the Rose/Scorpius one.
The rest are all great too of course. I like your Luna.

Oh Maria!

These are all so beautiful!

I especially love your Luna as she's dancing in the the rain, and your Rose/Scorpius is also incredibly lovely!

Great Job:)

Maria, I'm so wildly in love with my picture. I can't believe that's me hanging out with my favorite trio! XD It's gorgeous, and truly perfection. You always do a fantastic job, but for me, this one is about the best. ♥

I also love that two of your other commissions were for friends of mine! :)

I LOOOOVE Scorpuis/Rose art! Seriously, it's perfect!!!

I really like "Meeting Again" Is there a story that goes with it?

I might have this wrong, but I think the accompanying fic is The Last Time by butterfly_kate. I don't think she'd mind me giving it a pimp. :)

OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

They are all so wonderful, but you know which one is my favorite!! *grins*

Check out my icon!!

I adore you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im totally over this! it's soooo amazing! :D loooove the watercolour hermione one! :)

Beautiful works, Maria!!

I had no idea that I shipped Dean and Luna until I saw this art. Thank you! :D

The Luna/Dean ones are beautiful!

I really like the Rose/Scorpius one!

The Scorpius/Rose is awesome! Actually, no, all are awesome. I love the colors of the chess one. It seems so warm and comfy. :)

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