Dreaming the Sky

Nothing is impossible

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ZOMG that's SO adorable! I love it! =]

That is awesome! I love Hermione's smile. :D

That is one of the cutest things ever! I love how you've depicted Ron in particular! :-)

Mari sei bravissima T__________________________________T

(Deleted comment)
I love it!! They both look fantastic!

Wonderful as always. There is so much joy in their expressions, and the look great ;)

I love the colouring of Ron! How the light hits him from behind and leaves his happy face and front in shadow. Great work! And sweet :)

SO adorable!

love it <3 you made my day^^

*_* Adorabile, Maria! E' un secolo che non ti sento, spero che tutto stia andando per il meglio. I tuoi disegni sono migliorati ancora, se possibile. *_*

So cute -- and Hermione is lovely!

This is just great. I love the way it's clear they're both having such a wonderful time -- his enormous smile, and the way her hair swings out behind her. But then, I always love your artwork.

I know you haven't drawn much Harry/Ginny lately, and that you don't take requests, but I am putting together a little H/G fic/art exchange (http://r-becca.livejournal.com/574090.html) and I would absolutely love it if you could join in. Just, you know, if you are so inclined. :)

cute pic! i love Ronald and Mione!

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