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Commission Open+more Fanarts!!
Hold me

How are you?
I am fine, the weather is good too so can I want more?:)
Summer please came soon!
Today I am here to write for talking about commissions:
I open to make it at who want it and to post some commissions that I made.
If you are interested or not about it please let me know what do you think about this pieces!

Title:Walking to Times Square
Characters: Rachel and Finn from GLEE
Medium:pencil lineart +PHOTOSHOP cs3
Author's Notes: commission for hpchickadee

Title:Console you
Characters:Rose and Scorpius
Medium:PHOTOSHOP cs3
Author's Notes: commission for queenb23more

Title:First Kiss
Characters:Rose and Scorpius
Medium:Copic Markers
Author's Notes:commission for queenb23more

If you take a look here you can see that I am open for commission again, but
this time accept too cheap commission.
Cheap commissions are waist-up, bust-up, head shot, and chibi commissions.
Here some examples:

Princess by =mary-dreams on deviantART

Lukus_commission by =mary-dreams on deviantART

Naturally I am open for normal commission too.
If you are interested reply with a comment or write me at mariabagnale@hotmail.it

And now some normal commission I made:)

Walking to Times Square by =mary-dreams on deviantART

Console you_Rose x Scorpius by =mary-dreams on deviantART

HP_First kiss by =mary-dreams on deviantART

click on it for see it in a bigger version!
Waiting for a yours opinions !



1) Credit me at maria_abagnale .
2) Please if you make icons (etc.) using my art , I want to look them! I love icons!But please not use commission art!
3)If you want to use my icons please you leave a comment!

and Art in sale

My Gallery pages:
Kiss me if you dare( Ron and Hermione fancomics)
My Fanart100 of Ron and Hermione

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Okay, so I came here to look at the Glee in full size, but not only is that GORGEOUS, so are the Rose/Scorpio ones. I think the Console You one is my favorite.

Although, I think I'm going to go look at some of your R/Hr comics now. :)

Thank you very much!*^^*
I hope you will keep watching my work:)

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