Dreaming the Sky

Nothing is impossible

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I'd love to get a commission from you, but I need to make sure my last commissioned artist is officially off the project (I got her almost two years ago and still haven't seen a final product). How long are you keeping them open?

Thank you:)
I don't know because it depend if I'll got soon a good job.
When you know it send me a email if I have my commissions still open or not^^

Okay, so I came here to look at the Glee in full size, but not only is that GORGEOUS, so are the Rose/Scorpio ones. I think the Console You one is my favorite.

Although, I think I'm going to go look at some of your R/Hr comics now. :)

Thank you very much!*^^*
I hope you will keep watching my work:)

These are incredible. I especially like "First Kiss." The colors are magnificent.

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