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Nothing is impossible

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These are GORGEOUS! I wish there was more k-drama/k-pop fanart. I would love to see YB or Full House fanart!!

Thank you very much!♥
I wish that too!
I am in a YB fanart:)


I've never seen this show (we must not have it here in the states, because I've never even heard of it!), but oh, my goodness, is your art ever beautiful! I love the one with the kiss on the beach. Just stunning!

I think I just enjoy every piece of art you create! ♥

No, Infact.
For watch it you need a download or watch on line.( with sub in english)
If you want try let me know and I will send you somes links:)
Thank you very much:D

O M G.... *faint ...this is amazing, stunning! *-*

ahp, full house i liked it too, (because im in love with rain)! jijiji

I am in love with rain too xD
What scene you like the most of FH?

Oh, they are so gorgeous!!!

Oh, wow. You are amazing. These are just gorgeous. XD Brilliant work. :D

Hi! got here through your post in the BOF comm. I just wanted to take the time to say that your art is really amazing. this is probably the best fanart i've seen. do you have a community or blog or anything where you post your art regularly?


Thank you so much! It's very a honor to ear this from a Bof''s Fan!
Yes I have my deviantart gallery http://mary-dreams.deviantart.com/

Ciao, sei italiana, vero? Ho visto i tuoi lavori sulla community "illustrators" e mi sono incuriosita, quindi ho pensato di venire a dare un'occhiata al tuo journal : P

Mi piacciono molto i tuoi lavori, soprattutto il trattamento dei colori. Spero non ti dispiaccia se ti aggiungo alla FList.


Ciao!Si lo sono:)
Certo, anzi è un onore, graziee moltissimo, anche per la visita! ♥

Um, è successo qualcosa di strano mentre cercavo di aggiungerti alla Flist...ci sono riuscita?

Figuratii, non devi proprio ringraziarmi XD

hi again!! well... the scene i most like of Full House was when the girl (i dont remember the name xD) sang the bear song to the "Rain's family" jajaja it was very funny, and also when she had to cleaned allllllllllll the house while the Rain's character rest (my english is horrible, but i hope you can understand me!! ;) ) well.. congratulation again, i like so much fanart!, because i draw too, but i dont do that since a time :( (i use photoshop too, but i dont know how to coloring my drawings.. that is frustrating! -.-) for that i admire people like you!!! I LOVE ART! ^^
see yaa!!!!

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