Dreaming the Sky

Nothing is impossible

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These are all equally gorgeous!

But I love the last one most. Like.. omg she is so pretty! and so wonderfully done! (O_O)

Honestly amazing!

Thank you so much!
I spent a lot on it so I am very grateful of your comment^^

These are all so beautiful! I love the way you draw Harry and Ginny. I'm very happy you're coming back to LJ. :)

Keep watching at my page!!^^

Yay, welcome back! ♥ ^^

Lovely pieces of art, looking forward to seeing more of you & your creations! ^^

Thank you!
I will update soon!*hug*

It's so great to see you back! These are beautiful, as always. ♥

Thanks honey!
You always so kiind:)

Oh, I'm so happy to see you! I wondered where you'd gone, and hoped you were doing all right. I thought of you late last year when I created a journal for my stories and added the beautiful art you made for me to my profile page. It made me wonder if you'd be back...but here you are! YAY! :D

Glad you're back and still creating such incredible art. The fan art is gorgeous, as always, but wow, that third piece is just stunning. Her hair! Oh gosh! I don't know how you do it!

Edited: I see you're doing commissions! YESSSSS! I'm almost broke, but I'm still thinking about commissioning you again. How pathetic is that?! LOL! I'll email you! :D

Edited at 2010-04-20 03:06 pm (UTC)

How are you?
Yeah I make so many account and then I can't update them xD
I am impossible!

Thank you!*hug*
I am again in realism art!I love it!Take a lot of time but it's fantastic!

It's for me an honor to make a commission again for you!
Waiting for your email!

I'm doing okay. It's been a rough year...lost my job, gained sixty pounds, that sort of thing, but I'm hanging in there. Seeing old friends pop up makes me really happy, though, so you've made my day, honestly. :D

Making lots of accounts and creating lots of art is a GOOD thing! I know your heart is in every piece you create, so it must be lots of fun for you, even if it takes a lot of time! And it's good for us to see that wonderful final product!

*blushes* Oh, wow! Thank you! Just a warning...it's not HP this time. Hope that's okay! I'll email you, and we'll see. :)

These are all quite lovely.

Do you think you might start working on your Ron/Hermione comic again?

I don't know probably not, sorry!

Beautiful work!

Glad to see you back on LJ!

I like all of these but I really love the blond girl at the bottom.

Thank you very much! I am very affective about thi piece so your words make me happy!

just gorgeous work. It's so nice to see something new from you. I love your stuff so much.

Thanks for watching my stuff! I will keep update this( I will try :)

They're all gorgeous, the blonde girl is stunning!! :-)

Do you mind if I use 'Sea Stare' as an Icon?


I tried to comment on "RonHermione Live Journal" & "Honestly Ronald" but I couldn't. Anyways I was wondering if I could use 'Sea Stare' as a icon for a site.
Thank you,

Re: Do you mind if I use 'Sea Stare' as an Icon?

You can, but please credit me, and send me the link of the site, I want see it:)
Thank you too!

These are beautiful!!!

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